Other Styles

Yusuke Onaga Sensei
7th Dan

The Shito-ryu Dojo is one of the few in Okinawa. Yusuke Onaga Sensei, a native of Okinawa, went to Osaka to learn Shito-ryu. He later returned to Okinawa to teach foreigners and the local Okinawan people. He is also the first Kumite winner of a…

Kenjiro Ueda Sensei
7th Dan

Shito-ryu is based on the martial arts of Shobukan. Ueda Sensei 7th Dan is the third generation of the Shobukan, which was established in Shikoku by the late Hiromasa Tanaka 8th Dan. Ueda Sensei studied martial arts karate and competitive karate, and after 20 years…

Kaoru Okubo Sensei
9th Dan
Full Contact Karate

Known as the Kyokushin Tiger of Jose, 10th Dan Yoshiji Soeno founded Shidokan Karate a powerful yet practical karate style. There are currently 100,000 members in 50 countries around the world, incorporating techniques such as karate and kickboxing. There are a wide range of techniques,…

Toru Kiyan Sensei
8th Dan
Okinawa Kenpo

Shigeru Nakamura was born in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture in 1891. He learned Karate from Anko Itosu, Chomo Hanashiro, Shinkichi Kuniyoshi and other masters of the era. From an early stage, Okinawa Kenpo adopted a practical style of fighting with facial armor. The founder, Shigeru Nakamura,…

Yuji Funakoshi Sensei
7th Dan

Baisho-ryu was started in Kyoto in 1933. The founder, Kuge Baisho Sensei, was a Jiu-Jitsu artist of the Yoshin-ryu. With deep exchanges with Chojun Miyagi Sensei, Kenwa Mabuni Sensei, and Ueshiba Sensei of Aikido, the advantages of Okinawa Karate and Aikido were incorporated into Jiu-Jitsu,…