Dec. 6th, 2020 The 1st Kobu-ryu Kobudo Zoom Seminar

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Okinawa, and we hope you are well.
On Sunday, December 6th, we had the Kobu-ryu Kobudo Zoom Seminar with Kobudo and Uechi-ryu 10th Dan Takashi Kinjo Sensei. Members from Italy, Spain, France, and the UK participated in the seminar. It was very nice for Kinjo Sensei to see so many familiar faces. A big thank you to everyone who participated, and most especially to Kinjo Sensei.
We will let everyone know when the next Kobu-ryu Kobudo Zoom Seminar will be once it has planned and scheduled.
We’ve added some photos from the seminar.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
Stay safe and healthy.